About Us

At Pacific International Cold Storage, we differentiate ourselves from others due to the level of service we provide each customer.  Our value-added services go above and beyond cold storage.  Whether you need warehousing, custom labeling, packing and re-packing or delivery.  We make it happen.

We use a hands-on approach and our on-site team is consistently active to ensure fresh produce every time.  We do this by controlling and actively monitoring temperature, humidity, and ethylene levels for optimal results.


  • Integrated Inventory Control software
  • Live internet feeds / Digital photography
  • Office Space Available to our Customers
  • Load Consolidation
  • Fast and Cost Effective Cross Docking
  • QC Inspection Area with Tables and Proper Lighting
  • Inspection/Grading Belts Re-grading
  • Re-Conditioning / Repacking


  •  46,000 square feet Cold Storage Space
  • 8,000 sq. ft. of Refrigerated Dock Zones
  • 2,500 sq. ft. of Temperature-controlled Re-packing Room
  • Over 2000 pallet positions with Automated Pallet Storage/Retrieval System
  • 2 to10 Pre-cooling Tunnels
  • 11 Receiving/Shipping Doors
  • 7 Cold Rooms each Individually Temperature Controlled with its own compressor and blowers.


    • 3100 East 29th Street, Long Beach, CA 90806
    • Directly across the 405 Frwy from the Long Beach Airport
    • Six Miles from the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles, near Intersection 710/405 freeways


      • Ports of Entry – Long Beach / Los Angeles
      • Shipping, Delivery and Logistic Planning
      • Partial Truckloads and Bob-Tails are available
      • High graphics and vexar custom packaging is available


      Primus GFS Certified with a superior score of 99%

      Pacific International Cold Storage –

      serving Long Beach & Los Angeles area

      3100 East 29th Street
      Long Beach, CA 90806
      Phone: 562-270-0606
      Fax: 562-287-5999