Pacific International Cold Storage believes in continuous professional dedication to quality and innovation. Our new state of the art storage facility houses seven individually temperature controlled zones including a pre-cool room.

Each individual room’s temperature is set in accordance to the products’ requirements that it is housing. All of our storage rooms are fully racked and sprinklered with state of the art equipment and design. Humidifiers will be available in select rooms for those produce products which deem it necessary.

  • Food Safety- airborne microbial control is the next frontier in food safety
  • Quality Assurance – protection from spoilage through mold, bacteria and ethylene gas in the air is a vital part of the perishable quality assurance
  • Shelf-life Extension – keeping products fresher longer is a benefit to you, your customers and us


  • Integrated Inventory Control software
  • Live internet feeds / Digital photography
  • Office Space Available to our Customers
  • Load Consolidation
  • Fast and Cost Effective Cross Docking
  • QC Inspection Area with Tables and Proper Lighting
  • Inspection/Grading Belts Re-grading
  • Re-Conditioning / Repacking


  •  46,000 square feet Cold Storage Space
  • 8,000 sq. ft. of Refrigerated Dock Zones
  • 2,500 sq. ft. of Temperature-controlled Re-packing Room
  • Over 2000 pallet positions with Automated Pallet Storage/Retrieval System
  • 2 to10 Pre-cooling Tunnels
  • 11 Receiving/Shipping Doors
  • 7 Cold Rooms each Individually Temperature Controlled with its own compressor and blowers.


    • 3100 East 29th Street, Long Beach, CA 90806
    • Directly across the 405 Frwy from the Long Beach Airport
    • Six Miles from the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles, near Intersection 710/405 freeways


      • Ports of Entry – Long Beach / Los Angeles
      • Shipping, Delivery and Logistic Planning
      • Partial Truckloads and Bob-Tails are available
      • High graphics and vexar custom packaging is available


      Primus GFS Certified with a superior score of 99%

      Pacific International Cold Storage –

      serving Long Beach & Los Angeles area

      3100 East 29th Street
      Long Beach, CA 90806
      Phone: 562-270-0606
      Fax: 562-287-5999