Services offered by

Pacific International Cold Storage

  • Inventory Tracking
    • trace ability by case/pallet from receiving to shipping
  • Daily Inventory – Order Status
    • reports faxed at end of day and upon customer request
    • Web based access planned
  • USDA Inspections
    • our employees will pull required samples for inspection
    • will restack samples and restrap pallet on completion of inspection
  • QC Inspection Area
    • includes inspection tables and proper lighting
  • Product Pre-Cooling
    • two pre-cooling tunnels available
  • Fast, Cost Effective Transloading & Cross Docking
  • Pick & Pack Operations
    • re-conditioning, re-packing
    • sorting, bagging, re-casing, clamshell pack, netting
    • bags, boxes and labels
  • Product Re-Cooping and/or Pallet repairs
    • re-palletizing, re-strapping, pallet replacement
  • Pallet Break for Order Picking